The Ceplok Motif

We’re starting on the first series of expounding the meanings of the different kinds of batik motifs!

The Ceplok Motif

The Ceplok motif consists of repeated basic geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, ovals and stars. It forms an overall symmetric pattern on the cloth.

Other batik motifs such as parang klithik, kawung, truntum, or other decorative shapes are then filled into these geometric shapes. They are called isen-isen (isian, which means fillers).

Look at the different ceploks below. Can you see the distinct symmetric patterns of each batik?


These 11 ceplok above are courtesy from Kepulauan Batik

The Ceplok Motif is a big family with many variations. There are many names given to it (as seen from above) depending on the (a) inventor/user, (b) design, and (c) area in which it was produced in.

Here we shall just explain 2 Ceplok motifs.

Ceplok Cakar Ayam


[Chicken Feet Ceplok] This ceplok is used by the parents of the bridgegroom in traditional Javanese wedding ceremonies. Chickens use their feet to dig up soil to find food. Chicken is the symbol of diligence in Indonesia. The parents hope that the couple can earn money, work well and live independently.

Ceplok Grompol


Batik Winotosastro
Batik City

Grompol means to gather together. Often worn for wedding ceremonies, the pattern symbolizes the coming together of a harmonious marriage, for children, good luck, and happiness.

Ceplok Kawung



The kawung motif is also recognized as a ceplok, however Kawung is a family by itself too. Read more about the Kawung Motif in my next post 🙂

Ceplok Kawung. Credits to Batik Foundation

Zathura Collection

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Credits: Some information obtained from LianRohima WordPress here.

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